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Shoe, Health and Beauty guides edited by Sarenza

Sarenza is at your feet, with a new service designed to answer all of your shoe and feet related questions. From shoe storage to maintaining healthy and beautiful feet, discover our handy hints and tips, which are full of original ideas! We have everything you need to know from shoe cleaning products to home pedicures, old wives tales, and for the trend concious, we have fashion and eco advice too. Spoil yourself and your shoe collection with our collection of shoe and feet care products !

Shoe care guide

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Organising your shoes

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Healthy feet

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Pamper your feet

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Patent leather shoes care: some useful tips

Everyone wants the shine of their patent boots to last forever. However, after you have worn them for a while they end up being covered in dirt marks. To keep yours from ageing too quickly and to maintain ... Read more

Smart tips for your suede shoe care

Due to its textured nature, suede becomes dirty more easily than normal leather. Consequently, you need to care for your suede shoes on a regular basis to keep them in good condition for longer. If you have ... Read more

Tips and tricks for canvas shoe care

During the summer, nothing is better than a pair of canvas shoes. They are so light and comfortable that you can wear them anywhere you go. However, after an afternoon at the beach or a day of sightseeing, ... Read more

What is the best method for sport shoe care?

People participate in a wide range of sports, from tennis to running, from football to cycling. No matter whether you are a great athlete or a complete beginner, your sport shoes are your friend. They protect ... Read more

Caring for leather boots: learn a few good steps

Have you just bought a new pair of leather boots? If so, you're ready to tackle winter in the latest trend and safe from the cold. But do you know the best methods for caring for leather boots so that ... Read more