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Beautician foot care: treat yourself to salon beauty treatments

If you want to be beautiful from head to toe, treat yourself to some beautician foot care. Let yourself be pampered by a professional pedicurist using professional foot care products. Indulge in a relaxing foot massage, foot bath and exfoliation. You deserve it. 

Beautician foot care: a real delight for your feet

To feel beautiful all over, treat yourself to some beautician foot care. In just 45 minutes, the beautician can make your heavy feet feel lighter. First, your nails will be pampered with a nail varnish remover, nail file, polishing, shaping and exfoliating using an essential oil moisturising mask. Once your nails are perfect, it is time to spoil your feet with some professional foot care products. You will enjoy having your feet treated in a soothing, warm foot bath followed by having your heels exfoliated. 

Beautician foot care for a complete treatment

Some beautician foot care is complete, allowing you to have pretty, soft feet complete with the latest nail varnish trend. Your treatment usually begins with a moment of relaxation in a bubbling bath. The beautician will then use various foot care products, which includes massaging the cuticles of your toes with warm oil to soften them. Your calluses will also disappear, as your feet will be exfoliated with a natural mixture of salt and oil or cream and apricot pits. Then, to relieve stress and stimulate your body, relax with a massage carried out using natural oils. Finally, your beautician foot care usually ends with a wide array of nail varnish colours to choose from!