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Organising shoes on a budget: simple and practical

Where do you keep your many pairs of shoes? With boots, trainers, sandals, winter and summer shoes, the shoe boxes start to stack up. Many stores and websites offer smart solutions for organising shoes, no matter how big your shoe closet. The shoe organiser, a space dedicated solely to footwear, is handy, but it can be expensive. Here are some tips and tricks to organise your own shoe closet without breaking the bank.

Organising shoes: create your own shoe organiser

You can whatever space you have available to make your own shoe closet. Create your own shoe organiser by reusing large boxes. Each family member will have his or her own box, stored in the wardrobe or closet. If you have a fairly wide hallway, you can install shelves that you can hide with a nice curtain for organising shoes. You can also renovate the space under the stairs

Organising shoes: other ideas

Another trick for organising shoes on a budget is to take a large board onto which you can attach some small wheels, so that you can slide it under your bed. If you want to keep the boxes and you have a big enough wardrobe, transform part of it into a shoe closet. Remember to paste a picture of your shoes on the boxes so that they are easier to find. For your canvas shoes, a multi-pocket bag to hang inside the wardrobe will work as a makeshift shoe organiser.