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How to look after your feet to better face the challenges of winter

In winter, your feet need even more pampering than usual. To fight against dryness and hard patches of skin, here are a few foot therapy tips.

How to look after your feet in winter  In winter, it is important to practice daily foot therapy to avoid the formation of calluses and dry skin on your feet. First and foremost, properly exfoliate your feet. To do this, use an exfoliating cream to help remove dead skin. Use a pumice stone only once a week to gently smooth the bottom of your feet. After rinsing and drying your feet, apply a nourishing cream specially formulated for very dry skin or for winter skin protection. This is how to look after your feet to keep them feeling and looking great. You then slip them into some cotton socks to protect them all through the night. You will wake up to beautiful, soft feet the next morning! A foot massage is another way to look after your feet in winter After an afternoon of shopping or a tough day at work, take the time out for a regular foot massage or foot therapy at a salon. It only takes a few minutes and it helps to boost your circulation and eliminate fatigue. 

How to look after your tired feet at home For legs that feel heavy and run-down, use a lotion or essential oils and massage them into your legs. A little trick for your foot massage: Start by deeply massaging the soles of your feet before proceeding to the toes and ankles. To complete your foot therapy, remember to take care of your nails during the winter. Don’t forget to keep them filed and polished.