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Tips for treating chilblains

Between dry skin and chilblains, winter is a trying time for your feet. You'll have to pamper them by providing daily care. Here are some tips for treating chilblains, especially for preventing the formation of this painful inflammation before having to proceed to chilblains treatment. 

The best way to avoid treating chilblains: Prevention

  To avoid chilblains treatment it is best to try and prevent it in the first place. To do this, you will have to protect the cold, sensitive parts of your feet with wool socks and comfortable shoes. During your foot bath, avoid plunging icy cold feet into boiling hot water. Instead, allow your feet to return to room temperature for a few moments before bathing them. Your diet can help when treating chilblains; choose the vitamins A, B3 and D. You can also do preventive chilblains treatment using hawthorn before and during winter. Every little bit helps! 

Foot Care: Tips for treating chilblains properly

The most effective chilblains treatment is a 20 to 30 minute warm celeriac and walnut leaf foot bath two to three times a day. Again, be sure your feet have warmed slowly to room temperature to avoid shock. With your feet still in the water, you can use the leaves from your foot bath to gently massage your feet. After the bath, be sure to dry the affected areas before slipping your feet into wool socks. This ancient method for treating chilblains is still surprisingly effective. Within days, your chilblains will most likely have disappeared.