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A shoe organiser and other tips for keeping shoes organised

Shoes, slippers, trainers, sandals, boots, pumps - you can’t even begin to count all the shoes you own. It's time to organise them and protect them. What is the best way to organise your shoes? From a shoe organiser or shoe storage cabinets to ordinary cardboard boxes, what is the best way to organise your shoes so they don’t take up too much space, are out of sight and you don’t waste time looking for them? Here are some practical solutions for you to make a start, right now.

A shoe organiser and money saving ideas

Do you have a shoe storage cabinet, but it is already full? To store all your pairs of shoes, think about hanging shoe storage. This is a kind of long organiser with compartments, that can be put in a wardrobe and is a very good for arranging shoes. Not only is it practical, but you'll save room for very little money. You can also install a shoe rack in the bottom of your wardrobe for easy access to your shoes and boots. Another solution to consider in a walk-in closet is a hanging shoe organiser that you can put up behind a door. When using this type of shoe organiser, slide each pair into a transparent bag to avoid dust.

A home-made shoe organiser

Create your own shoe storage by installing shelves, of the appropriate height and length, under the stairs or in the entrance hall. You can paint or decorate them any way you like! If you want to keep your shoe boxes, paste a picture of the shoes they have inside on the outside of the box. Another shoe organiser option is transparent shoe boxes. These practical boxes allow you to quickly locate your footwear. Racks are also a good way to organise shoes.