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Patent leather shoes care: some useful tips

Everyone wants the shine of their patent boots to last forever. However, after you have worn them for a while they end up being covered in dirt marks. To keep yours from ageing too quickly and to maintain their pristine sheen, the most important thing to do is regular patent leather shoes care. Your patent leather shoes care doesn’t have to be a chore, as you only have to do it once every 15 days or so. Simply follow a few tips that have proven to be very effective.

Patent leather shoes care and how to protect your patent boots We all love the sheen of patent leather, but it clearly shows wear and tear. Patent leather shoes care is not a complicated task nor does it take very long to do. First of all, be sure to protect the material. Castor oil is great for reducing the creases formed from walking. In order to avoid cracking, apply some vegetable oil to your patent boots before polishing them. Our tip: this patent leather shoes care may also be carried out with lemon juice. 

Patent leather shoes care: for shoes that shine forever Despite these simple instructions, from time to time a little extra attention must be paid to patent leather shoes care to get the most out of your footwear. After wearing your shoes a few times, use soapy water and a new sponge to clean them. Your patent leather shoes care should then continue by using a solvent in order to remove stains, and finish off by applying a moisturiser for patent leather. Your patent boots will have never looked so good!