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Smart tips for your suede shoe care

Due to its textured nature, suede becomes dirty more easily than normal leather. Consequently, you need to care for your suede shoes on a regular basis to keep them in good condition for longer. If you have suede boots or other shoes made out of this material, keep them from harm through regular suede shoe care to ensure that you can carry on wearing them with pride, as if they were new on that same day! Suede shoes do indeed need special attention and specific treatment.

The steps to take for effective suede shoe care  Suede shoe care is simple. This durable leather requires regular sealing to protect it from weathering and small spots. Apply a spray to your suede boots from a medium range - that way you can avoid causing stains by spraying too close, or spraying it ineffectively from too far away. An average of 25 to 30 cm is a good distance. For daily suede shoe care, use a rubber suede brush and rub your shoes gently to avoid damaging the suede. 

Advice for suede shoe care on stubborn stains  Some spots are harder to get rid of than others. There are ways, however, to overcome this and to get back your impeccable suede boots. In such a case, suede shoe care is best done simply, by using a toothbrush and soapy water. Rinse with the damp brush. Use a special shampoo for deep cleaning or go to a professional for proper suede shoe care. This can be more expensive but it is often more reliable for very bad stains.