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Tips for choosing your boots organiser

Practical, comfortable and attractive; boots are a must in winter. With black or brown leather or vinyl, the pairs pile up. So what is the best method for organising your boots? How and where should you put them so that they don’t get damaged and are easy to find? If you do not already have a boots organiser, here you can find several options and tips for storing your boots. From recommendations on a boots organiser to advice, we will give you some ideas so that organising your boots is no longer a chore.

A boots organiser and other storage solutions

Do you have many boots piled into a box or squashed into a shoe cabinet? It is time to start organising your boots with vertical rods and then place them in your wardrobe or in a large enough trunk. Clever and convenient, you can put several pairs of boots on the rods without the risk of damage. The boots are held up straight and, if the rods are the right size, you can even insert boot trees before placing the boots on the boots organiser so they keep their shape. You can use bags for organising boots or slipcovers to perfectly cover your boots so they can be piled up to save space. Another alternative to a boots organiser is to hang your boots on a drawbar with hooks and clips. Again, your boots will be straight. Just make sure you protect the material pressed by the clips, otherwise they can leave a mark.

A classic boots organiser in designer boxes

If you don’t like using a boots organiser, you can always choose a different method for organising boots: translucent, printed PVC boxes in which the boots are well cared for. You can stack them or place them under the bed. Their transparent sides showcase the shoes inside, so it is easy to find the ones you need.