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Tips and tricks for canvas shoe care

During the summer, nothing is better than a pair of canvas shoes. They are so light and comfortable that you can wear them anywhere you go. However, after an afternoon at the beach or a day of sightseeing, the canvas will have changed colour. With so many different types of spots, stains and dirty marks, what is the best way to care for canvas shoes so that they last for more than just one summer? We have selected a few canvas shoe care tips and tricks in order for you to keep your canvas shoes looking as good as new.

Canvas shoe care: a few simple techniques

As well as being highly resistant, your canvas shoes are also very comfortable. They don’t need any special cleaning on a day-to-day basis. To prevent stains and other marks from appearing, you can carry out easy, regular upkeep of your canvas shoes using a foam cleanser. You can also use soapy water and a clean sponge on your shoes, then rinse them with a damp cloth to remove light stains. There is another method that is equally effective for canvas shoe care: do you have a nail brush and carpet shampoo handy? If so, you can use them to clean up your canvas shoes. Is there a greasy stain on your shoes? Simply use some carbon tetrachloride and the stain will disappear. Note that during this canvas shoe care, you always need to let your footwear dry in the open air to make sure no rings appear! With this attention and regular care, your canvas shoes will last much longer