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Caring for leather boots: learn a few good steps

Have you just bought a new pair of leather boots? If so, you're ready to tackle winter in the latest trend and safe from the cold. But do you know the best methods for caring for leather boots so that they will last longer? Whether your shoes are black, beige or brown, they will definitely need specialist leather protection and particular care. Here are our tips and tricks to help you in caring for leather boots. 

The first stage in caring for leather boots

The important first step when caring for leather boots is to place them on boot trees. If you don’t have any, some paper will do the trick and it will also absorb moisture from inside the shoe. To clean, dust them off with a soft toothbrush after each time they are worn. However, for the best leather protection be sure not to use a hard brush as it might scratch the boot surface. The next step in caring for leather boots is a more thorough cleaning: run a sponge or soft cloth with soapy water and white vinegar over the outside of your boots. 

Caring for leather boots: nourish and protect the leather

With the first stage completed, you should now think about nourishing and protecting the raw material itself. Complete sealing and polishing treatments form an integral part of caring for leather boots. You can waterproof them using a spray, but it is preferable to use a canned polish rather than one with an applicator. You can also use home products for leather protection. It will be just as effective if you use an animal fat such as lard, which is both inexpensive and convenient. A beaten egg white is also a great solution for caring for leather boots. 

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