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What is the best method for sport shoe care?

People participate in a wide range of sports, from tennis to running, from football to cycling. No matter whether you are a great athlete or a complete beginner, your sport shoes are your friend. They protect you and are helpful during your workout. So, what about you? What do you do to maintain your sport shoes? In order to keep them in good condition for longer, here are some tips for sport shoe care. 

Sport shoe care: doing the right thing

Due to lack of time or for the sake of convenience, many of us tend to put our sport shoes in the washing machine. Unfortunately, this is the best way to damage them. Both the washing machine and bleach should be avoided. For proper sport shoe care, remember to clean them regularly after each use and let them dry naturally. Using a brush, you can clean both the inside and the outside. If you do this to your sport shoes, they won’t age nearly as fast.

Sport shoe care: a thorough cleaning

For complete sport shoe care, you really don’t need to do very much. If they are covered in mud, let the mud dry before removing it with a brush. After this, you can wash your shoes with a little soap, warm water and a synthetic brush to avoid any damage. For your sport shoe care, it is advisable to remove the insoles and clean them separately. Put paper inside your sport shoes to absorb moisture and leave them to dry in the open air.