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Summer pedicure: care for your feet after a day at the beach

With the hot sand rubbing against your skin and the time spent swimming in salt water, a day at the beach can really take a toll on your feet. What better treat to give your feet after all they've been through than a nice pedicure. Here are some tips for your foot care. 

Pedicure: good ideas for after the beach  Summer trips to the beach are fun. Unfortunately, they are not nearly as fun for your feet. It’s a good time to give them some extra-special care with a pedicure to repair and care for all of the damage done to your feet. Start by rinsing your feet in fresh water. Clean any wounds with a disinfectant, an essential part of summer foot care, and keep an eye on them for a few days to make sure they do not become infected.

Pamper your feet with a pedicure  When faced with the ordeal of the beach, it’s best to prepare your feet with a daily pedicure. The most important thing, of course, is to moisturise your feet to prevent calluses. To do this, apply a moisturiser to your feet as soon as you get out of the shower and massage well. If the dead skin persists, use a pumice stone in the shower. Finally, after your foot care, take advantage of the feminine and glamorous side of summer and let yourself be tempted by some trendy nail colours.  Our tip: You can even pamper you feet at the beach. To do this, create an exfoliant with wet or dry sand, mixed with sunscreen.