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Tips and tricks for cleaning dirty shoes

Whether it’s rain, dust or various other marks, your shoes always end up getting dirty or stained somehow. In order to give them a longer life, cleaning your dirty shoes is essential. You will be able to find different shoe cleaning products, as well as tips for making them look like new. Whether they are made of leather or canvas, here are some tips for cleaning shoes. 

Cleaning dirty shoes: each different material has its own cleaning product  It’s time to start cleaning your dirty shoes, but before you do that you need to know the products that are suited for cleaning shoes made of specific materials. Here are a few tips for some types of material: • If you are cleaning patent leather shoes, first wipe them with a cloth soaked in skimmed milk and then wipe them dry them with a dry cloth.  • For white shoes: use alcohol for removing difficult grass stains and solvents for grease stains.  • There is a handy hint for cleaning dirty shoes made of brown leather: simply use some lemon or orange juice. • Cleaning dirty shoes made of canvas couldn’t be simpler. Place them in a pillowcase and put them in the washing machine.  • How do you go about cleaning dirty shoes made of suede? The best way to clean your suede shoes is with a mixture of water and ammonia and using a rubber brush.  • Lemony milk is good for cleaning shoes made of lightly coloured leather.