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Some useful tips for cleaning white shoes

Whether it’s summer or winter, white shoes always make a splash. However, white leather shoes also get dirty very quickly and they need regular care in order to make sure that they don’t get too damaged. You might not realise it, but there are techniques as well as specific products for cleaning white shoes, so that you can keep them in their perfect condition for longer.

Cleaning white shoes: how to remove marks

The first thing to bear in mind is that you should avoid trying to hide the marks with creams or dyes. There are solutions for cleaning white shoes to remove difficult stains. If you have grass stains on your shoes, rubbing on some alcohol will do the trick. As for grease stains, you will need a solvent. The latter is very effective against those stubborn black marks that are often found on white leather shoes. Essence of turpentine can also be used for cleaning white shoes. 

Cleaning white shoes: regular care

Cleaning white shoes made of leather can be done on a regular basis, simply by using some cotton and cleansing milk or baby lotion. Once your shoes are dry, wipe them with a clean cloth. You can also whiten and then polish them. This is the best way to keep them intact. When damaged, use a correction fluid for white leather. White cloth shoes are easier to clean once they start looking old. Place them in a canvas bag and then into the washing machine, use your usual washing detergent and add a drop of bleach. Leave them to dry in the open air.