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Solutions for cleaning leather shoes

Whatever the type of leather, your shoes are not safe from water or grease stains, as well as many other types of stains. There are several tips for cleaning leather shoes, as well as for cleaning stained leather. Here is some advice for how to properly go about cleaning leather shoes, to help restore the shine to your shoes.

Cleaning leather shoes depends on the type of leather

Depending on the type of leather, the techniques you use for cleaning leather shoes will change. Here are our tips:  • For cleaning leather shoes with a dark tone, the inside of a banana peel is the best solution.  • Run a sponge with soapy water over fatty stained leather.  • When you are cleaning leather shoes made out of nubuck, brush them with a soft brush. For grease stains, use talcum powder or baking soda to absorb the fat. • Cold milk and a soft cloth will clean all fingerprint marks on smooth leather. 

Cleaning leather shoes – various stain removal methods for leather shoes

When cleaning leather shoes you have to take into account not only the type of leather, but also the type of stain:  • To clean water stained leather, rub a cloth over it with Vaseline until the shoe is well coated, then dry it off with wool.  • To clean grease stained leather shoes, use a special, very absorbent clay.  • Mildew stains can be eliminated with turpentine and glycerine.  • Mix alcohol with water to remove sugary food stains.