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Shoe tree: how to stretch a shoe that is too tight

You are so proud of your new shoes that you want to wear them straight away. But when you put them on they are slightly too tight, which is enough to make you suffer. For a perfect shoe shape that fits your foot just right, without being too tight, your shoe tree can come to the rescue. There are also other alternatives to changing the shape of your shoes so that you can wear them with a smile.

Shoe tree and other solutions

The advantage of a shoe tree is that it maintains the shoe shape while also absorbing moisture. If you do not have a shoe tree to hand, you can place your shoes over the steam from boiling water. Be careful, however, with delicate material such as suede or nubuck. Stretch them out with your hands in order to widen them. Another tip is to fill freezer bags with water, place the bags in your shoes and then put the shoes in the freezer. Afterwards, let them thaw and you will find that the leather has stretched. 

Alternatives to the shoe tree 

Buying a shoe tree can be quite expensive, but there are alternatives when it comes to keeping a shoe in shape. Using a few sheets of newspaper can do the trick. Dampen the newspaper, make it into a ball and place it into your shoes. Press firmly on the tip of the shoe to slightly "break" the leather. The newspaper will have the same effect as a shoe tree. You can also buy a special ointment. Spread it over your shoes with a brush and let it sit overnight. In the morning, simply clean your shoes and you can wear them!