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Shoe care products: each material needs its own fix

Whether your footwear is made of leather, suede, canvas or patent, taking care of shoes is essential. Do you machine wash them, use a sponge, brush them or do nothing? What shoe care products should you use on your shoes? Not every product is a perfect match for every material. First and foremost, whatever the material of your shoe, you should nourish and waterproof your footwear to protect them from moisture.

Shoe care products: the different types of leather

When taking care of shoes made of leather, whether it has a smooth or grainy finish, you should apply a moisturising cream for deep nourishment. For velvety variants, such as nubuck and suede, you need a rubber to remove marks and specialist shoe care products such as a colourless shampoo. From time to time, you should bring back the shoes’ original colour with a matching colour spray. Shoes that are made from more shiny leather do not need to specifically designed shoe care products. You just need to lubricate that kind of footwear with a cream now and again, to soften and nourish the leather. 

Shoe care products for canvas, satin and velvet

  Do you need shoe care products for canvas shoes? A cleansing foam or just soapy water will do the trick. When it comes to taking care of shoes made of satin, try white whine vinegar or a mild soap. This sort of product will help you to remove pesky stains. If you own velvet shoes, apply a brush moistened with warm water and a little ammonia, then wipe vigorously with a towel. Allowing shoes to dry naturally will help ensure that unsightly rings do not appear.