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Organic care products for your shoes

To protect, nourish and clean your shoes, you use all kinds of products. But how good are they? What are their ingredients? Do your shoes really need these products in order to last a long time? For shoe protection that also protects the environment, there are inexpensive natural care products and eco tips. There are waxes, sprays and many other natural or organic care products for you to choose from and start using right away!

Natural and organic care products ---------------------------------  Some of the most useful natural care products for shoe protection are natural waxes, made from beeswax, which protect and nourish your shoes. Be sure to check that the ingredients on the label are all natural. Among the organic care products you will find natural sprays to waterproof leather or natural cleansing milks. To avoid excessive sweating, natural leather soles are very effective at absorbing humidity. Pure animal fat and vegetable glycerine can help to make your shoes shine. Eco tips: not all natural products are necessarily environmentally friendly. If you really want to use certified organic care products, check the packaging labels to avoid confusion. 

Some additional, useful eco tips using natural care products

Besides the organic care products, there are other eco tips for shoe protection. Tip No. 1: After brushing your boots, wipe them with a cloth soaked in a mixture of water and vinegar (in this case remember to ventilate to avoid the very strong odour).  Tip No. 2: Banana skin is also one of the good natural care products for shining your shoes. Rub the inside of the skin on your leather shoes and then wipe down your shoes with a dry, clean cloth.  Tip No. 3: To loosen your shoes, there is no need for organic care products. Simply place a large, slightly damp cloth inside your shoes and leave it there for an entire day. Then stuff them with crude craft paper overnight. You will find that they are much more comfortable the next morning.  Tip No. 4: For canvas shoe care, cut a potato in half and use it to clean them.  Tip No. 5: For white leather, one of the good natural care products to use is your makeup remover lotion. Tip No. 6: To deodorise your shoes, a mixture of thyme and coal will do the trick.