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Humidity treatment for humidity problems - storage and products

What is the best humidity treatment for your shoes? After a long walk, a sporting activity, rain or snow, your shoes can be wet inside. In order to protect them and keep them from being damaged, as well as avoiding the appearance of bad odours and fungi, there are humidity treatment solutions available to bring your footwear back to tip-top condition. Just bear in mind a few tricks to keep your shoes beautiful and strong for a longer period of time. There are treatments available for all kinds of humidity problems! 

The right humidity treatment for you

Our feet sweat in our shoes, making them humid inside. As far as humidity problems go, this is easy to solve: a very simple humidity treatment is available. All you need to do is put paper inside your shoes, ideally crude wrapping paper as it is often very absorbent. The paper will absorb the humidity and keep the shoes from getting deformed from the wet. Another option on a fine day is just to leave your shoes outside, even in the sun. If you’re looking for another humidity treatment, specific products such as absorbent powder or talc also help. 

Humidity treatment: some golden rules to follow!

To treat your humidity problems, be sure to waterproof your shoes and do not wear the same pair two days in a row. Your shoes need at least 24 hours to air, in order to get rid of the perspiration absorbed. When you are not wearing them, consider storing your shoes in a dry, clean place, preferably in their box or in a bag. A shoe tree is a good humidity treatment as well, since the wood will partially absorb any perspiration.