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How to use leather shoe polish

Smooth leather, embossed leather or leatherette are just a few of the different types of leather you can find. All of them require special care so that they can last for longer in spite of the onslaughts of the outside world. When you buy them, leather shoes shine in pristine condition. In order to maintain that shine, it is essential to use leather shoe polish. However, what’s the best way to get around the ins and outs of the world of shoe polish?

Five steps to using leather shoe polish

Before you use leather shoe polish, you must first prepare your shoes. This involves removing all traces of dust and dirt with a brush and then placing your shoes on shoe trees. Having done this, take a nourishing cream and coat the leather with it using a soft cloth. It is now time for the leather shoe polish. Be sure to use the shoe polish in a circular motion. Once your shoes are dry, brush them thoroughly and wipe them with a soft cloth. 

Leather shoe polish: some hints and tips

When it comes to choosing leather shoe polish, select a shoe polish in the same tone or opt for a clear shoe polish. Use a different brush for each colour, so as not to stain your light coloured shoes or denature the browns. If you are caught in the rain, put paper in the leather shoes and wait until the next day to polish them. Finally, if your shoes haven’t been cleaned for a long time, use a little turpentine on cotton before applying the leather shoe polish.

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