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Dyed leather shoes: give them a new lease of life

Your favourite dyed leather shoes are not what they used to be. Are they so comfortable you still want to keep them? To give them a little extra spark, why not opt for re-dyeing them? It can be the same colour or a completely different colour; you can achieve whatever colour dyed leather that you would like. You can do it at home or have it done by a shoemaker. What colour dyed leather shoes are you going to have? 

Give your dyed leather shoes a facelift!

Simply giving your dyed leather shoes a quick makeover mixes the beauty of a new shoe with the comfort of your old favourites. You can also change the colour of your dyed leather shoes if you don’t like the old colour or you just want a change. There are several options to help you to get the perfect dyed leather colour, whether for smooth leather, suede or nubuck. These products have a high penetrating power. Going from light dyed leather shoes to a dark colour is very simple. If you are doing the reverse, you must first lighten the shoe. 

How to get your perfect dyed leather shoes

Do you want to revitalise your dyed leather shoes? First of all, clean the shoe to eliminate any traces of previous care. Use a scouring agent before treating the pair of dyed leather shoes. Apply the dye of your choice using a brush, before rubbing the shoe with shammy leather to remove any excess. To finish, use a beeswax polish of the same colour to make your dyed leather shine.