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Customise your shoes: a novel idea

Customise your shoes – it’s the latest trend! It’s a fashion that has more and more followers. For original-looking shoes, what better way than to customise them yourself? That way you won't find the same shoes anywhere else. Jewellery, rhinestones, bows, drawings, anything goes - you just have to be a little creative. Choose your shoe accessories and then it’s up to you to get started. You can even organise a fun evening with friends so that you can all customise your shoes together! 

Customise your shoes for unique designs

Thanks to the Internet, you can customise your shoes with original accessories. You will also find tutorials or blogs with original shoes for inspiration if you don’t have any specific ideas. Before creating your design, go to the haberdasher’s shop or arts and crafts shop where you can find inspiration and purchase all of the necessary materials. Once you have chosen your shoe accessories, all that’s left to do is to customise your shoes and wear them!

Customise your designer shoes; it is possible!

Twenty years ago, Adidas, the brand with the famous three stripes, launched customised colouring for its shoes. To customise your shoes, you can choose from six different colours. The brand has even set up a customisation guide. Along the same line, other brands such as Nike and Converse allow you to customise your shoes with whatever shoe accessories you like. You’ll be the envy of everyone with your customised shoes!