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Cleaning suede: some hints and tips

Both beautiful and ideal during the winter, suede shoes require special treatment. This material gets dirty and damaged very easily if it is not properly cared for. However, cleaning suede is not an easy task when you don’t know how. Whether it is simply regular care to keep your shoes looking like new or a large spot removal operation, it is important to know how to clean suede shoes properly. Here are some helpful ideas! 

The steps for cleaning sued

  How to clean suede shoes? When it comes to cleaning suede, use a brush with very fine bristles or a rubber brush to remove dust and spread out the material. After brushing, cover your shoes with talcum powder and leave them like this overnight. In the morning, you can finish cleaning your suede shoes by removing the excess talc using a clean cloth. You can also use a pencil eraser or the soft interior of bread. Water with ammonia will make them cleaner. 

Cleaning suede: removing stains

Unfortunately, suede is not immune to stains. How to clean suede shoes when they are stained? There are some indispensable supplies when it comes to cleaning suede:  - For surface stains, a rubber or rubber brush will do the trick.  - For more stubborn stains use warm soapy water and a nail brush.  - Cleaning suede with grease stains can be done using baking soda or a special kind of very absorbent clay.