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Choosing children’s shoes: making the right choice

Whether for boys or for girls, choosing children's shoes is not always an easy task. Sandals, boots or high side shoes; which are better for young children? What types of shoes are right for what age children? When should they start wearing shoes? How do we find out the right children's shoe sizes? To answer all of these questions, here are some tips to put you on the right path when choosing children’s shoes. 

Choosing children’s shoes: some rules to follow

When children start walking, it is important that they have good shoes that hold their foot perfectly. When choosing children's shoes it is therefore best to pick flexible shoes that rise high on the ankle and that have rigid soles, which are less than one centimetre thick. These types of shoes make sure that children’s feet are protected and supported as well as being the most comfortable shoes for walking. To determine the correct children’s shoe sizes, use a foot measurer and add about one centimetre. 

Choosing children’s shoes: what to avoid 

Before choosing children’s shoes, remember that it is better to buy a new pair for each child rather than giving your children used, second-hand shoes. These can lead to malformations, as each child has a different foot shape. When it comes to knowing your children’s shoe sizes, watch out for shoes that are too small or too big, as this can make them fall down or they can deform the foot as well as hindering walking. When choosing children’s shoes, avoid high heeled shoes, even if they are fashionable!