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Choosing baby shoes

During the first two years of life, your baby's feet are very fragile. So when does a baby need to start wearing shoes? How do you go about choosing baby shoes? To avoid loss of balance and malformations, it is very important when  choosing baby shoes that you pick the right pair for your child. Infant’s feet  grow very quickly and baby shoe sizes will change on a regular basis, therefore so must their shoes. We will give you some hints and tips in order to avoid mistakes.

Choosing baby shoes: is the baby walking or not?

Before you start choosing baby shoes, know that a newborn does not need to be wearing shoes. You should only start worrying about baby shoe sizes  from the time that a baby is standing or crawling. Their first shoes must be new and of good quality in order to achieve the support and comfort that their little feet require. When choosing baby shoes, look for high side, leather shoes, with a good sole and flexible ankle.

Tips for choosing baby shoes

It is essential when it comes to choosing baby shoes that you know the correct size of your child’s feet. Make sure you use a foot measurer to find the right baby shoe sizes. Add a centimetre to get the right size and place your finger behind  your child’s foot to ensure that the shoe is suitable. During  the first two years, you will need to be choosing new baby shoes every three months on average, depending on how quickly your child grows!