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Advice for long-lasting solid shoes

Over time, frequent use, humidity and other factors affect the life of your shoes. Whether they are boots, court shoes, trainers or any type of footwear, for solid shoes that last longer you need to give them regular care. There are tricks to caring for your shoe soles, no matter what they are made out of. You will find special products for each type of footwear, but there are also some simple things you can do yourself to maintain your solid shoes. 

Tips and tricks for solid shoes

In order to keep your shoe soles from deforming and wearing out too quickly, make sure you choose a shoe that is the right size for your foot, neither too large nor too small. Remember that it is important to alternate your shoes. Never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row, as you need to give them time for the humidity inside your shoes to dry out. For solid shoes, disinfect them and brush them regularly. Avoid half-soles that can distort your shoes. 

Changes for solid shoes

To ensure that you have long-lasting, solid shoes you will have to remember to change the shoe soles. When your shoe soles start to wear out, change them at the shoemaker’s. Depending on the material (leather, satin, patent, etc.), you can use the right products from your own home to prevent shoes from becoming damaged too quickly. Remove dust, nourish the leather, waterproof, polish, wash and store your shoes with care. Like this, you'll find that you have a pair of very solid shoes!