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Pretty feet all summer thanks to temporary tattoos

Regular care is essential for healthy feet, but if you also want a personalised, pretty look for your feet, why not decorate them with some temporary tattoos? They are very practical, with a variable lasting time, and they come in everything from personalised tattoos to the delicately patterned henna tattoos.

Temporary tattoos: oriental refinement for your feet

If you want to decorate your feet with henna tattoos, you can buy a special kit or follow tradition and make your own paste. The basic ingredient is of course henna powder which must be green, fine and fragrant. A tablespoon of this powder is all you need. Dilute it in a bowl of tea, coffee or hot water, along with some essential oil. Let this paste stand for at least five hours before using it, but be careful when handling it, as it really stains. If the temporary tattoos patterns are too complicated, it is best to get help from someone with experience. 

With temporary tattoos you can be original down to the tips of your toes!

If you're not really interested in henna tattoos, there are several types of temporary tattoos for your feet that you can customise to suit your tastes and your style. The classic temporary tattoos are very popular with young and old alike, and are most often made up of Chinese or tribal characters.  For a bit more originality, try a glow in the dark tattoo in a dark room or under a black light. It is the perfect way to shine on your summer evenings!  Why not indulge in photochromatic temporary foot tattoos? The colour will become brighter in the sunlight and disappear in a dark room or in the shade.