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Manicure: try adhesive nail varnish! 

It's hard to find the time to stay on top of the latest fashion trends while taking care of your body when you are a new mother or an overworked career woman. To make life a little bit easier there are some very original, new nail products to help you save some time: adhesive nail varnish for your toes!

Adhesive nail varnish for your toenails: a revolutionary product

It’s not always easy painting your toenails with nail varnish. You have to have both the time and the patience to do it successfully. So, to simplify the lives of trendy women, several brands now offer adhesive nail varnish. It is simple and quick to use; just place it on the toenail, like a sticker. It is a very clever and trendy addition to the nail products market that perfectly fits the shape of the nail. You will also save time when you decide to change the colour of your varnish, as it can be removed using a nail varnish remover. 

For special occasions, go for adhesive nail varnish

While adhesive nail varnish is very convenient, it is still relatively expensive compared to conventional varnish. These revolutionary nail products are therefore best used on special occasions, or during very busy weeks! However, their very wide range of colours still makes them very attractive. Many beauty salons also have a pedicure and nail varnish formula. As well as being very practical, they also take good care of your feet.