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Learn how to walk in high heels!

Learning how to walk in high heels is the key to being a successful urban fashionista, so we've put together a little ad hoc program for high heels success. 

How to walk in high heels: a guide

Do not set yourself a goal that is too high when first learning how to walk in high heels. Start with medium size heels (3 to 5 cm is ideal).  Walk around your home in high heels to train yourself, first of all with short trousers so that your clothes do not interfere, then jeans or a tight- fitting skirt. The idea is to walk naturally in your high heels (placing your heel first and then gently placing your forefoot), keep your back straight and your head held high. You are then ready to use obstacles to simulate stepping on and off a curb. To learn how to walk with high heels outside the home, start by wearing them for short periods of time. Wear your high heels to a restaurant or to the cinema with friends, as this way you spend most of the night sitting. However, wear flat shoes instead of heels for driving, as it will be safer! 

After a few outings in high heels, you'll feel more stable, although it is important to train yourself to walk with each new pair. 

The High Heels Academy teaches you how to walk in high heels

  If high heels frighten you, and you need some help, The Talons (High Heels) Academy is there for you. Based in Paris, it teaches you how to walk in high heels in 45 minute sessions. The training is done step by step by a well-known shoe coach. Students train in situations based on daily life, and women are taught how to stay sexy and confident in high heels. The coach corrects mistakes and encourages walkers with the mantra: "hips, look, shoulders". So if you want to know how to walk in high heels, quickly run (but not in high heels!) to the High Heels Academy!