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Home made foot care: using natural recipes for beautiful feet

We all have our old wives' tips for beauty secrets that have been handed down for generations because they really work! Your feet can also benefit from these old fashioned, natural beauty tips that you can create yourself with some home made foot care.

Home made foot care: old wives’ tips to the rescue!

Forget about industrial products made in a laboratory, the current trend is old wives’ tips. Here are some tips that have been passed down for generations to help you take care of your feet:

  • To prevent fungal infections, apply massage oil to your feet after cleaning them.

  • To reduce foot perspiration, apply talcum powder twice daily to your feet or in your socks and put your smelly shoes in the freezer overnight to remove germs.

  • For those of you who find the pumice stone to be an instrument of torture, why not just exfoliate your feet with a loofah sponge and some shower gel.

  • As part of your home made foot care you can also prepare a natural scrub with vegetable oil and sea salt. 

Natural recipes for your home made foot care

Our feet need to be pampered, and what better way to do this than with some natural home made foot care recipes. The first step is to moisturise and soften the feet to prepare for exfoliation. Immerse your feet in a sweet almond oil and essential lavender or mint oil foot bath for 15 minutes. Dry your feet before exfoliating them using an old wives' tip. For this, simply mix cane sugar and sweet almond oil. Massage your feet in a circular motion and then rinse, dry, and apply a moisturiser or nourishing balm, making sure it penetrates deeply into the skin.