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This is the way we French say hello to our good friends!

Have a French pedicure to get elegant and feminine feet

We know the French manicure is a very popular trend, but if you want to be glamorous from head to toe, why not try the French pedicure? Take the time to pamper your toenails as well with some nail treatments. 

The French pedicure: a simple technique for perfect results

The French pedicure (or French manicure) is a very specific way of applying nail varnish. The first step is to apply a layer of clear nail varnish, which dries quickly. Then comes the more delicate part; painting the white nail tip. If you're a pro at painting nails, you can gently draw the white line on the edge of the nail or get some help from nail treatments products. The third step is painting on another coat of clear varnish. Once the white line is dry, apply the third clear coat over the entire nail and let it dry completely before putting your shoes back on. 

Nail treatments: some tips for a beautiful French pedicure

The French pedicure is not only stylish and beautiful to look at, it can also be important for healthy nails. So, here are two tips for a perfect French pedicure. First, you must care for your toenails and not let them grow too long. Indeed, for both aesthetic and health reasons, toenails should always be cut short. Our second tip is to regularly inspect your nails in order to quickly identify any problems or infections. It is important to completely remove your varnish with a nail varnish remover at least every two weeks and follow a regular nail treatments regime.