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Foot care: try a fish pedicure

The fish pedicure is becoming more and more popular. Arriving a few months ago in France, this foot care is as unusual as it is effective. Thanks to this little fish pedicure, your feet come out looking polished, pretty, and free from dead skin, without having to lift a finger!

The fish pedicure

The fish pedicure originated in Asia and was first popularised in the U.S. before arriving in France a few months ago, and our feet can thank the Garra rufa, the famous fish pedicure. Place your feet into a bath that has been specially adapted for these fish. They will rid your feet of all of your dead skin as well as helping with other skin problems, such as burns. Several Parisian beauty salons now invite you to try the fish pedicure by soaking your entire body in the fish bath or just your feet or arms, depending on the body part needing care.

The fish pedicure; both relaxing and surprising

If you are afraid of plunging your feet into a bath full of fish, don’t panic! The fish pedicure will only affect the dead or damaged skin on your feet. For thirty rather surprising minutes, about a hundred small fish will surround your feet and remove dead skin, and the result is perfect. You come out of your fish pedicure with very soft, highly polished feet with no dead skin. You only need a nail file and your favourite varnish to top off your pedicure!