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Fashion tricks to hide big feet 

Unfortunately, nature has endowed us with characteristics that can sometimes be a bit problematic, such as having big feet. If you are embarrassed by your wide or large feet, here are some tips to help you hide them. 

Tips to hide your big feet 

If you are tall, it is advisable to wear trousers that cover at least half of your shoes, as this makes it easier to hide big feet. If you are short, forget about the long trousers and choose high heels instead. But whether you are big or small, the most important thing is for people not to stare at your wide, large feet. Therefore, if you are not wearing an outfit that hides them, just keep moving, at least as long you can.

Whether you're tall or short, some tips for your big feet complex

If your big feet complex keeps you from wearing the shoes or clothes you like, here are some tips for choosing the right shape for your size. First of all, if you have big feet, it is important to avoid wearing shoes with pointed toes. These types of shoe will only make your feet seem bigger, as the shape of the shoes increases the length of your feet. If you have a hard time shopping for a style to suit your wide or large feet, consider searching the Internet or specialist shops with larger shoe sizes, where you can find a wide variety of shoe styles for big feet.