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Nail decorations: create trendy and original nails

Nail decorations: create trendy and original nails  If you like to take care of your look all the way down to the tips of your toes, here is a product for you. Everything is being customised nowadays, so why shouldn’t your nails have a unique look as well? Give them some personalised nail decorations or try some nail art stickers.

Nail decorations: customise your pedicure

If you're original or creative, or you're simply a fan of customisation, here are some tips for creating clever and cheap nail decorations. Start by applying a clear nail varnish little by little, so it doesn’t have time to dry. When the varnish is sticky but not runny, choose an eye shadow and tap it gently on the nail to cover it evenly. Finish with a second coat of clear vanish that will "lock in" the eye shadow and complete your pedicure with some nail art stickers for a feminine and glamorous effect. 

Nail decorations: give a boost to your pedicure

Nail art stickers give a pedicure a perfect final touch. Whether you like star-shaped, rhinestones or flowers, you can find the model that best suits your style. Inexpensive and practical when you don’t necessarily have the time to spend on your nails, nail art stickers can also be applied to unvarnished nails. Protect your nail decorations with a layer of clear varnish. To remove, simply wipe off with a nail varnish remover.