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Feet jewellery: glamorous from head to toe

With the arrival of warm weather, you want to show off your pretty, manicured feet. To make them even more attractive, why not treat yourself to feet jewellery? Whether you like toe rings or ankle bracelets, there are styles for every budget!

Feet jewellery: be beautiful to the tips of your toes with toe rings

If you are looking for an idea to beautify your feet, go for toe rings. Original and glamorous, toe rings are a great way to add a feminine and trendy touch to your feet. They come in many shapes and sizes, in both gold and silver. You will find feet jewellery is sold in many places, both in designer and costume jewellery shops. It is best to choose real silver toe rings, however, to keep them from darkening. If you don’t want to spend the money on a silver toe ring and prefer costume jewellery, just brush some clear nail varnish on the ring to keep it from losing its colour.  

Feet jewellery: a very trendy option

Today, feet jewellery is a very popular fashion. We see it everywhere: on the street, in the shops and on the runway. The most popular fashion is undoubtedly the ankle bracelet. Gold or silver, with rhinestones or several chains, there is something for every taste and every style. They give your feet a more polished look, especially when worn with heels. Toe rings are another popular feet jewellery choice, as well as a combined toe ring-ankle bracelet, with a chain that links the two from ankle to toe. This look is both trendy and feminine. But if you can not decide, you can always beautify your feet with bejewelled flats or heels.