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Be original: choose your foot care based on your star sign!

Fans of astrology who follow their daily horoscope will be delighted. Indeed, it is now possible be inspired by your star sign when choosing your foot care, a theory that everyone is free to believe in or not. What is your star sign?

When your star sign affects your foot care

If your star sign is Capricorn, know that the rather feminine pink and orange tones are recommended for your pedicure. An Aquarius will prefer to use an exfoliating cream to have very soft feet without calluses. Pisces are not really into foot care, but enjoy a bright, vivid nail varnish. For care of Aries feet it is best to focus on foot baths and essential oils. Apparently, Taurus and Libra don’t like to show their naked feet, so choose a moisturiser that will make them more attractive and ready to go out!

Specific foot care for each star sign

Let’s continue with people whose star sign is Gemini, who don’t really pay attention to their feet, because for them pretty nails suffice. Cancer has a strong, but very natural personality, so a trendy French pedicure is the best bet. Leo likes to be pretty year round and therefore wears a red nail varnish no matter what the season. A Virgo tends to choose pastel varnish for a more natural look. Scorpios opt for pretty, painted toenails and high heels. Finally, if your star sign is Sagittarius, you only trust your pedicurist for perfect foot care.