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What is the best arched feet treatment? 

High arched feet conditions can vary from a mild problem with how your shoes fit, to a significant disability. In the latter case it is best to seek arched feet treatment.

Arched feet treatment: what are arched feet?

The progression of arched feet is due to the fact that the bone grew faster than the plantar fascia tissue between childhood and adolescence. The bone of the arch is more curved, making the instep curve upward. There are different types of arched feet. Direct arched feet, which corresponds to a longitudinal deformation of the arch, antero medial arched feet, and valgus arched feet.  It is best to consult a physician or a podiatrist who can diagnose your type of arched feet and prescribe the right arched feet treatment.

What is the best arched feet treatment?

Arched feet treatment can sometimes involve surgery. Usually, however, a doctor will prescribe an orthopaedic shoe to correct and minimise deformities, stabilise the support column and stop the progression of the deformities. Several surgical options are also possible for arched feet, depending on whether the person is a child, an adolescent or an adult. The doctor may suggest a tendon exchange, plantar fascia release or other types of surgery to correct the curve of the arch.