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Treatment for blisters: some useful tips

Can you no longer wear shoes or go for a long walk without your feet ending up covered in blisters that will eventually leave ugly scars? Here are some treatment for blisters ideas. Simply follow some simple tricks and use clever products for a blister treatment that you can do yourself. 

Treatment for blisters: doing the right thing

It is the repeated rubbing of the skin that causes a superficial peel away of the epidermis, which forms a blister filled with clear liquid. The first step in blister treatment is to pierce the blister and clean it with soap and water. You must then apply an antiseptic and let the wound dry before covering it with a bandage. This will prevent any infection. Even if treatment for blisters is not particularly time consuming, it is still best to prevent blisters by making sure you buy the right shoes and by always wearing thick socks when going out for a long walk.  

How to shop for a treatment for blisters

There are several ingenious products now available in stores to help in the treatment for blisters. One very good product is a transparent protective gel that you place directly into the back of your shoe to protect the heels. This is stuck right into the shoe. You can also find transparent pads that reduce friction and irritation in the toes. Look for anti-chafing gels available at your local chemist’s. Finally, to protect your already formed blisters, you can easily find bandages that include a blister treatment in the form of a "skin-replenishing" gel.