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Treating dry feet: Tips for softer feet

Are you tired of your dry, callused feet? Dry feet cream, massage or exfoliation - here are some tips for treating dry feet that you can do every day to pamper your feet and eliminate that unpleasant dryness as well as those hard heels. 

Treating dry feet at home

Even if you do not have the time or the means to visit a professional or a spa, treating dry feet is still very possible to do at home using these very simple tips. Firstly, you can start by gently exfoliating your feet with a pumice stone or a rasp. Then treat your feet to a moisturising bath by adding a few drops of essential oils or sweet almond oil to your footbath. After thoroughly drying your feet, gently massage dry feet cream into your feet, taking special care with the dryer parts, such as the heel or the base of the toes.

Indulge in professional services for treating dry feet

If your dry feet cream does not appear to be effective, treat yourself to a beauty spa treatment. The beauty spa technician usually exfoliates your feet, followed by massaging them with a moisturising balm and topping it all off with a moisturising mask. This typically lasts 45 minutes and it allows you to relax while pampering your feet. If you need more advanced methods for treating dry feet to remove your calluses, it is time to visit a podiatrist. Only a podiatrist has the professional equipment and know-how to carry out an in-depth treatment of your calluses.