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Hallux valgus treatment: Take care of your bunions!

Many people are desperately looking for a hallux valgus treatment. This deformation, usually found on the big toe, is painful and embarrassing, and these bunions tend to worsen when they rub against your shoes. It’s best not to wait too long before considering an in-depth treatment. 

Surgery: the most effective hallux valgus treatment

The most commonly recommended hallux valgus treatment is surgery. The principal behind this surgery is not just to smooth out the bump, which is a consequence of the deformation, but to actually address the root cause. After surgery, your foot will generally hurt for two to three days. You will have to wear a post-operative sandal for 4 to 5 weeks, then a wide enough shoe for another four weeks. Expect to wait roughly 8 weeks post- surgery before getting back into your regular shoes. So be proactive, and do not wait until your feet are too deformed before treating your bunions.

Hallux valgus treatment: some tips for delaying the deformation

There is no sure way to prevent bunions. There are some tips, however, for delaying the deformity’s progression. The first step in hallux valgus treatment is to avoid wearing pointed shoes and high heels. You should also consult a podiatrist, because this specialist can slow the progression of hallux valgus by removing calluses and corns. The podiatrist can also give you some insoles to improve your foot’s support points, or braces, which correct the position of the foot and toes. One thing is certain - it is important to consult your doctor.