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Toenail care: tips for pretty feet

It is important to keep your feet clean and healthy as part of your personal hygiene routine. Toenail care should be an integral part of this, and should not be overlooked. Here are some handy nail care tips to help in this matter, and to keep your feet looking tidy and feeling soft.

Regular toenail care for healthy feet

Caring for the edge of your nails and your cuticles is an essential part of toenail care. Your toenails should be cut and filed regularly, not only so that they do not rub against the end of your shoes, but also so that they can stay beautiful and healthy. Gently use a nail clipper to cut your nails into shape and then file them to round off the corners and soften any sharp edges. Clean nails are also an important part of nail care. Take the time to bathe your feet in hot soapy water and remove dead skin using special tweezers. 

Toenail care treatments for beautiful feet every day

Feminine nails and pretty feet need regular, and at times specialised, toenail care. Treat corns with a sea salt or sodium crystal bath. This also helps to relieve swollen feet. Ingrown toenails also need a very specific type of nail care. Soak your feet in a bath containing disinfectant and use talc on your feet to keep your nails from rubbing against your shoes when walking. For strong and healthy nails don’t forget to use a nail hardening varnish. To top off your toenail care, use a moisturising lotion or special moisturising treatments for nails.