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The foot care pumice stone: natural treatment for your feet

While it can look suspiciously like a sponge, the resistant but light foot care pumice stone is the ideal natural treatment for pretty feet as it eliminates the dead skin. In order to fully benefit from your foot care pumice stone, however, you need to use it properly and regularly.

The advantage of using a foot care pumice stone

Foot care pumice stones have several advantages. The abrasive and exfoliating properties of the foot care pumice stone have been known since antiquity. This natural treatment can scrub your feet without damaging them, to give you back your soft skin after only a few uses. As the foot care pumice stone becomes softer as you use it, it can also be used on your toes and the other sensitive parts of your feet.

The foot care pumice stone: a few simple steps for natural foot treatment

To eliminate dead skin and calluses with a foot care pumice stone, it is important to use it correctly. Use a foot care pumice stone every night before going to bed so your feet can then relax. Start by soaking your feet in a bath of soapy water for about 10 minutes, to soften them. Then gently use your foot care pumice stone to scrub away any dead skin. After this natural treatment, apply a moisturiser and then protect your feet with a pair of socks. Remember there are several different types of pumice stones at your local chemist’s or supermarket to choose from.