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Swollen feet: solutions for feeling lighter on your feet

Do your toes look like cocktail sausages when you take off your shoes at the end of the day? Do you often have aching feet? Heat or standing for long hours are the most common causes of swollen feet. Before the situation gets so bad that you can no longer put your feet into your shoes, follow our advice! 

How to prevent swollen feet

Heavy legs and swollen feet are usually caused by circulation problems. That is why applying something cold to your legs can help, as this boosts your blood circulation. It creates a localised vasoconstriction, reducing the calibre of the vessels. You can find products at your local chemist’s that help to invigorate feet using an active "cooling effect". To promote good circulation in your legs, thus avoiding aching feet, place a pillow or two under your calves at night. Another good habit is to place your legs upright against the wall for several minutes, preferably at bedtime or first thing in the morning.

What to buy for swollen feet

To improve the blood circulation in your swollen feet, treat yourself to a relaxing ten minute footbath complete with effervescent bath beads. It is very refreshing as it feels like you are dipping your swollen feet in an ice bath. In organic beauty products, you will find organic gels with essential oils to fight against aching feet. You can also apply refreshing creams or foams to your tired legs and feet.