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Orthopaedic shoes for flat feet: discover the right treatment

Flat feet are caused by a weakening of the foot that leads to more of the arch of the foot touching the floor. This syndrome can become uncomfortable, so it is best to consider orthopaedic shoes for flat feet. Both orthopaedic shoes and insoles for flat feet offer comfort and support when you walk. 

Orthopaedic shoes for flat feet: making the right choice

If you have flat feet, the podiatrist will recommend orthopaedic shoes or insoles specially made for flat feet. They meet four objectives:

1. They relieve the stress caused by too much pressure on certain areas of the feet.

2. The orthopaedic shoes also supports the foot, which has a tendency to collapse or fold inward.

3. In addition, orthopaedic shoes stabilise the foot as it tends to twist.   4. Finally, it cushions your flat feet when you walk.

Orthopaedic shoes or insoles: when do you need them?

Having flat feet is not necessarily painful and you sometimes don’t even realise you have them. If you are unsure when to consider a trip to the podiatrist’s for orthopaedic shoes or insoles, here are some typical flat feet symptoms. The most obvious symptom in someone with flat feet is that they usually walk like a duck. Flat feet can also cause contractions that can lead to limping. In most cases the heel turns outwards. Flat feet can be particularly painful for overweight people, but this pain can be alleviated by orthopaedic shoes or insoles.