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How do you go about treating athlete's foot? 

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection. While there are very effective methods for treating athlete's foot as well as various type of nail infection, daily prevention is your best bet, to simply try to avoid them in the first place.

Treating athlete’s foot and types of nail infection

The remedies for treating athlete’s foot and various types of nail infection come in the form of gels, creams, powders, sprays or tablets. Your first step is to disinfect the affected area. Then use a medication prescribed to treat the infection, whether it be a cream, antifungal powder or spray. You can ask your doctor for a prescription for amorolfine nail lacquers, which you apply directly to the nail to cure the nail infection. This treatment is quite long and generally lasts six months to a year, with one or two applications per week on the affected nails. 

Foot care to help avoid a nail infection and treating athlete’s foot

To avoid getting a nail infection or having to think about treating athlete’s foot, here are a few simple tips for daily foot care. Keep a look out for damaged nails, as they could easily turn into a nail infection. After getting out of your bath or sweating in your shoes, take the time to dry the moisture between your toes with a piece of cotton or cotton wool. Prevention is the best way to tackle athlete's foot and nail infections. For example, avoid walking barefooted in public places such as swimming pools. Be careful to clean and treat wounds and corns as they can promote the appearance of dermatophytes, which lead to the development of a nail infection.