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Foot care: how to treat a verruca

Verrucas, these little infected bumps that are most likely to appear on your feet, can become very annoying and painful. That is why verruca treatment must be done quickly in order to remove them. If you're looking for advice on how to treat a verruca, just read the following paragraphs. 

How to treat a verruca: prevention first

To avoid verruca treatment, start by adopting some basic preventive measures. Firstly, make sure not to walk barefoot in public places, especially at the pool, beach and gymnasium. If you are wondering how to treat a verruca because you already have them, the most important thing to remember is to avoid infecting others, especially if you have kids. To prevent this, cover the affected area throughout the verruca treatment, and wash your hands after touching the verruca or the skin coming off it. Also, avoid sharing nail files, bath mats or towels with other people. 

How to treat a verruca: an array of treatments

If you are looking for how to treat a verruca, you need to know that the treatment will depend on your age, the type of verruca and its location. Verruca treatment tends to be a very long process. Before removing a verruca entirely, it often takes several visits to a dermatologist, especially for resistant verrucas! The most radical solution proposed by physicians is generally removing the verruca with liquid nitrogen. This helps take off the wart by freezing it. You can also remove a verruca with a laser, but in this case, recovery is long and there is often a scar.