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Foot Care: How to get rid of cracked heels

If the sight of your cracked heels drives you crazy, don't panic! There are many ways to treat dry heels. With the right products and some good tools, you can overcome this unpleasant and unattractive hard skin.

Solutions for getting rid of cracked heels 

Your first weapon is patience, as getting rid of cracked heels is a slow, gentle process. To remove some of the thick callus layer you can exfoliate, polish and pumice your heels, but only with the right tools. You'll need pumice stones, flat files, and exfoliating creams to fight against dry heels. Use them on dry skin so as not to damage your feet. However, it is important to remember that cracked heels can also be caused by shoes that are too flat, such as ballet flats or trainers. It is always best to alternate your shoe heel height.

Shopping ideas for fighting against cracked heels

As you do not always have time for a pedicure, make sure you have on hand the tools you need to help fight against cracked heels on a daily basis. The first thing you need is a rasp, if possible a two-sided one, with one abrasive side and the other softer side. Another must is an exfoliating cream, which is usually made up of particles of pumice powder and fruit pits. Last, but not least, a cream for dry heels so you can give your feet a deep moisturising treatment to help repair your cracked heels.