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Foot care: help for sweaty feet

If you panic every time you have to remove your shoes at a friend's house or when you go to see the doctor, there is help! Excessive sweating is not an incurable disease and there are several solutions and treatments for your sweaty feet, as well as tips for removing that unpleasant odour from your shoes. 

Solutions for sweaty feet

Even if you feel you do not have the time, if you really want to help your sweaty feet you will need to pamper them a few minutes every day. At the end of each day, treat your sweaty feet to a bath of warm water and revitalising bath salts. Another way to reduce excessive sweating is to rub a deodorant cream into your feet every morning to keep them dry and cool all day. A further practical tip is to carry a mini deodorant foot spray in your handbag. It can be sprayed on bare feet or through your stockings.

Sweaty feet: how do you eliminate odours?

If you are looking for sweaty feet remedies, here are some tips to eliminate bad odours in your shoes. First of all, if you can remove the insoles of your shoes, replace them with the antiperspirant insoles sold in pharmacies. To eliminate all the bacteria responsible for excessive sweating, put your shoes in a closed freezer bag and place them in the freezer overnight. The low temperature will kill the bacteria. If odours persist, you can try using baking soda in your shoes, letting them sit overnight to absorb the unpleasant odours. You will also find many specialised sweaty feet sprays at your local chemist's to help reduce excessive sweating and eliminate bacteria.