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Eco-friendly shoes to keep you on a sustainable path

Whether you are at work or on an evening out, your shoes are a constant. If they’re comfortable and original, you wear them every day. That said though, do you really know what your shoes are made of? Sometimes chemical materials and other pollutants can be used in their manufacture. However, some brands have started to create eco shoes. So in order to reduce your carbon footprint you should wear fair trade shoes, which are often organic. Available in latex or wood, now is your chance to jump into some truly eco shoes! 

Eco shoes for your feet  Several brands of eco shoes are currently available. Being termed ‘eco- friendly’ means that they are fair trade shoes, created from recycled or noble materials. The tanning process is carried out using vegetable extracts and is free from heavy metal pollutants. Trainers, sandals or boots can be made from various alternative materials, such as hemp, cotton, silk or wool. These shoes are environmentally safe bets.

The trend of eco shoes  Although these shoes are designed to be eco-friendly, the brands haven’t forgotten that they must also be aesthetically pleasing. Whether the material used is recycled or natural, eco shoes and fair trade shoes are trendy; a great pair can be found to be worn in any season and with any outfit. From the making of the shoes to their sale, to win an eco-friendly label, everything must be 100% environmentally friendly. Get yourself a pair now!